Our news visual identity

Happy to have reached a new stage in the development of our tools at the end of 2019, it was time to assert our identity and define our new graphic charter. New logo, new colours: discover the new transiteo 2020!
Drawing on the expertise of our internal resources, we developed a new visual identity that encompasses our founding values and, above all, that has the capacity to accompany us in our future developments. We wanted to create a strong, dynamic and uncluttered universe, which reflects the strength of our tools and at the same time their fluidity and simplicity of use. The general idea was to take into account our adaptability and the improvement to the “user experience” of all our customers, direct and indirect, worldwide.
Logo, icons, drwings, … everything was tailor-made! The basic shape, the cross, referring to the company’s cross-border activities, constitutes the basis of this new cheerful and versatile charter. In our motion designs, the shape – simple and effective – brings out all the strength of its 3 dimensions and brings freshness and dynamism to the brand. The new logo is designed on these solid foundations in all iterations.

This new visual brand identity is the first of many announcements that our team will be making in the coming months. Welcome to transiteo !